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Monthly Meetings


Our monthly board meetings are Every 2nd Wednesday at 6:30 PM.  We are located at 16450 Wildlake Pkwy.

Come on out, the public is welcome.

Current Tax Rate


The Tax Rate proposed for Tax Year 2022 is .4650.


This equals $4.65 per $1000 of value on your property.

2022-Tax Rate Order

Bond Debt


As of 2022, the principal balance on the Bond Debt is $757,600.

Plans are to retire this debt by the year 2027.

Realtor Info


If you are buying or selling property within San Antonio Ranch, or the boundaries of San Antonio Municipal Utility District #1,  there is a required form. 


More info can be found here.


Notice of Public Hearing on Tax Rate
Garbage Collection Information

In the case of missed garbage or recycling collection, please be aware that an expedited remedy would be to call the Waste Management Call Center at 800-800-5804.  Let the agent know you are a resident of the San Antonio Municipal Utility District No. 1, provide your address and let them know that your garbage or recycling has not been serviced.

The WM website,, has a chat feature, as well, for those who might prefer service online.

Recycling Information
We had Waste Management out to talk to the MUD about the recycling program, and the challenges they face in general.

Most people think that by simply putting what they think should be recyclable in the bins, that's good enough.  But the truth is, it's not that simple.  Part of the financial equation is how much they can sell the recycled materials for, and if the wrong stuff is in there, this lowers the price they can get at market, and raises the price of collecting it for us, the customer.

When they sell the material at market, the end buyers will sample the lot.  They're looking for 'Contamination'.  What this means is, they're checking drink bottles to see if they are truly empty or not.  If they're deemed to have too much liquid in them, it's counted as 'Contaminated'.  Same for pizza boxes with slices of pizza left in them.  Or canned food cans that still have food in them.

So what are they are asking?

They're asking for residents to empty the bottles, rinse the cans, and to make sure that we're only putting items in the bins that should be in there.

Here is a chart of what they're looking for (and not). Some of the items might surprise you..... (clicking on the image will open a pdf)

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